Sports Field renovation

If you plan to renovate your sports field and are able to facilitate the entire project except precision laser grading, you can 'rent' our laser grader which includes an experienced operator. We can slope your field to your specifications or offer alternate sloping options based on our vast experience with field installations throughout the years.  We can also offer a turn key renovation option.


An alternative to a complete renovation is our aggressive topdressing process.  The aggressive topdressing procedure places the material only where it is needed, in the low areas. This is an inexpensive alternative to renovating your field. You can avoid the costs of removing/disposing of the old turf, regrading, and installation of the new turf.   This procedure can be timed to coincide with your aerification and overseeding process.

Golf Tee box renovation

Midwest Laser Leveling is able to expedite your tee renovation project, reducing down time, minimizing labor costs, all while achieving a near perfect surface.  We are able to redesign your tees to provide additional tee placements, increase slope for proper drainage, combine tees of different elevations or completely create a multi-leveled tee complex.


This is an example of our aggressive topdressing process. Aggressive topdressing is a procedure that differs from broadcast topdressing. We place a large amount of sand or soil on the tee and 'grab' it with the box blade. As we drive across the tee, the material drops into the low areas and not onto the high areas. This best utilizes your material with no waste. After the leveling is finished, we recommend overseeding to help fill in the newly leveled areas and speed up the healing process.


If your tees weren't constructed properly with adequate compaction during the grading process, the tee will settle over time. The aggressive topdressing procedure allows you to fill in those settled areas without removing or adding sod, which lowers your renovation costs.